Digital X-Rays | Dental Office in Peoria, AZ
What are digital dental X-rays?

Digital dental X-rays are one of the diagnostic tools we use at Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry. Rather than using traditional film X-rays, we use digital X-rays to detect and diagnose dental problems. With digital radiography, our experienced dentists can detect dental conditions such as:

In addition to detecting dental problems, we can use digital dental X-rays in Peoria, Arizona to plan certain dental treatments, including root canal therapy, tooth extraction, TMJ treatment, dental implants, and more.

What are the advantages of digital dental X-rays?

Digital radiography is more comfortable than traditional film radiography. Digital X-rays provide Dr. Mettler and Dr. Griego with instant, high-resolution images that can easily be expanded for closer examination. Digital radiography utilizes significantly less radiation than traditional X-rays (approximately 90% less), so it is a safe choice for patients of all ages.

We welcome you to call or visit our dental office today to learn more about the benefits of digital dental X-rays and our other dental technology. We are dedicated to providing you with an efficient, comfortable dental experience!

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