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We are working on having our Smile Gallery which would be a collection of pictures pre and post appointment for whoever wants to go through them for being sure they chose the right dental office. You can have your own beaming face show up on our website if you like!

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If you are a resident of the beautiful city of Peoria, Arizona, then hurry up and browse through our easy-to- use website, get an idea as to how we work with the help of our detailed menu and make an appointment. If you don't already know where our facility is located, get an idea about the directions to our office displayed on the map on our website, and/or contact us for any further queries about our team and our procedures. We are very prompt in answering queries so feel free to reach us at any time!

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Thanks to our website, making appointments has been made extremely easy. With just a click on the ‘appointment’ option on our website, you can have us pencil you in at a time that suits us both! The website menu also includes an inventory of all the highly advanced and efficient technology (machines and tools) used by our dentists. You can browse through the facilities we offer for your complete satisfaction.

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Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry prides itself on giving undivided attention to every patient and providing them with the very best of dental care that today’s world has to offer. By visiting us, you can definitely get your perfect smile!

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