Laser dentistry is a special technique which uses highly concentrated laser beams to treat certain dental problems and also minimise time and effort involved.


Where Can Dentistry Laser Treatment be Used?

Dentistry laser treatment can be commonly used in the following three contexts:


  • Soft tissue procedures

The laser can be used for soft tissue (gums) procedures like fixing overly-gummy smiles, removing the frenulum in kids who have difficulty in feeding and talking due to its presence, crown lengthening for both improving the aesthetic appeal as well as for teeth restoration, etc.


  • Hard tissue procedures

Hard tissue (tooth and enamel) lasers can be used for teeth whitening, decreasing teeth sensitivity (sudden, sharp, painful feeling when eating something hot or cold), detecting cavities, assisting in filling procedures, etc.


  • Others

Lasers can also be used in some cases of nerve regeneration, removal of sores and benign tumours on the gums, lips,  palate, tongue and buccal mucosa,  decreasing pain and inflammation in the temporomandibular (jaw) joint, etc.


Pros of Laser Dentistry

Dentistry laser treatment has the following benefits:


  • It removes the need for sutures.
  • It minimises scarring.
  • It minimises bleeding because lasers cause instant clotting and coagulation of cut vessels.
  • It has an antibacterial effect because the high amounts of heat generated by the laser beam kill off all the bacteria present in the focused area.
  • Say goodbye to scary drills! Thanks to lasers, drilling holes into teeth is a lot easier and much less frightening!
  • It saves time. Lasers are time efficient and significantly reduce procedure time.
  • It reduces post care period and speeds up healing due to little or no swelling, infection and bleeding.
  • Lasers are easily used in outpatient procedures so they decrease the need for hospital admission.


Cons of Laser Dentistry

As useful as it may be, laser dentistry does have a few cons. They are mentioned below:


  • It isn't offered in every dental facility.
  • Only experienced dentists can perform laser treatments.
  • It is slightly more expensive than regular treatment.
  • It has the chance of being overdone, which may cause problems in the long run.


There you go! Now that you know the basics about laser dentistry and its pros and cons, you can easily find the best facility which offers this technique in Peoria, Az for a new and improved dental care experience!


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